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The Babysitters Club

Posted on February 22, 2014 at 10:10 PM

Going way back this weekend. We all read the books growing up, fell in love with the characters, watched the movie dozens of times. I think I had the movie memorized and my shelf was filled with hundreds of BSC books. I was a book junkie growing up, so as part of my "WAY BACK WHEN" weekend series, each weekend I will feature a different book series I loved growing up. I will show little known facts, tidbits,and memories we can all induldge in.

The Babysitters Club. By Ann. Martian. (Written from the late 80's all the way to 2000)


1. The Mary Anne character was based off of the author. ( Mary Anne  was my favorite character, her and Dawn! )

2. The series had a lot of spin offs. ( My favorite was called California Diaries, about Dawn and her life back at California. This series was much deeper and for an older crowd.)

3. The author quit writing at book number 58, after that the ghostwriters took over. (Okay, well at least she has the guts to tell us, unlike Charlene  Harris, that piece of crap still won't admit she didn't write the last two books. I won't go off on that rant now)

4. The movie, who can forget the movie. of 95 and the T.V series of 1990. Some of these gals are famous now, some are...just not. I will always have a place in my heart for Larisa Oleynick, I loved the Secret World of Alex Mack!!!!

5. These a graphic novel???? What. You have to be kidding me. Like a graphic novel reading man is going to pick up BSC instead of the walking dead and be like " oh, babysitter, this is hot"


1. I would never let a middle schooler watch my kids.

2. I would never let a middle schooler watch my kids.

3.  Who in thier right mind would let a middle school watch thier kids?

4. I hated Little Sister, Karen. Such a whiney baby. "My parents are divorced, now i live in a mansion and my big sister is so cool. i wanna babysit as well." SHUT UP LITTLE SISTER, KAREN!

Fan fiction....people have written fan fiction.

and last, but not least, I will leave you with this 

Stay tuned for next week, Sweet Valley High...

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