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Updated my 2014 book review list check it out

Hopelessly Devoted To Holden Finn Review

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There’s only one man for Bonnie, and that’s Holden Finn.


The problem is that Holden Finn is a twenty-three-year-old pop megastar with his boy band, Every Which Way, and has no idea she exists. Not only that, but half the women in the world want to be Mrs Finn, including Bonnie’s teenage daughter, Paige. The real men in Bonnie’s life do nothing but let her down, but a man you can’t possibly have can never do that… right?


Then Paige wins a radio competition to meet Holden and the band, and Bonnie’s carefully-constructed world starts to unravel. She is about to find out that you should be very, very careful what you wish for …

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Hopelessly Devoted to Holden Finn


My Rating: 3 stars 

My review 

This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review. After reading this summary, It looked so interesting. After reading the likes of celebrity type books such as Love Unrehearsed, I wanted to find out what this book was all about. HDTHF is a sweet novel about Bonnie, a thirty something year old single mother who has a crush on rock star Holden Finn. Feeling undeserving of love, Bonnie finds herself in a predicament. Holden Finn wants Bonnie. What’s even worse is she finds herself caught up between three different men! (No spoilers!)

Writing Style: Tennant has a great writing style. The book is wonderfully edited, and consistent. The wit of the characters were hilarious.

Character Development: Bonnie’s development in the book shows a lot. The rest of the characters, I didn’t feel I knew in the end. What was Holden’s driving force with Bonnie? I wish that Paige and Bonnie could have bonded more, maybe over her father or even Holden. Max was more of a side character than Bonnie’s good friend. I would have liked to see some more one on one time with them both to see sparks.

Ease of Reading: This is more of a problem with me and will be different for each reader. I am not British; therefore I did not understand a lot of the slang in the book. There was a lot of slang in this book, and I have read many books set in the U.K. I did find myself distracted by this slang, not sure what it meant and confused.

Storyline/ Subject matter: I was a little disappointed. The book was titled “Hopelessly Devoted to Holden Finn” though there really wasn’t much Holden in the book, and I wouldn’t really say he is in the book very much at all. It consists of them meeting, him hitting on her, asking her out, then he calls her a few times. There isn’t much of a romance between them. The book is more about her learning to move on and date.

Even though I say this, I want to compare it to something else. Ever picked up a glass expecting juice, only to realize you picked up your child’s cup and got a mouth full of milk? Well, If you haven’t. it sucks, to be expecting something, and get something else. I guess that’s how I felt with this book. From the summary, I expected a different type of book. I would have enjoyed it a bit more if I hadn’t been expecting a romance between Holden and Bonnie. Still, this is a good read which I would recommend. I just want to clarify in case someone else picks up the book. I would recommend this book to all readers who want a light-hearted romantic read with slight humor. I give these book three stars. I liked it, minus a few disappointments.



Leviticus Review

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Genres: Dystopian, Sci-Fi, Futuristic, Nanotechnology














Science has created a world where anything is possible and everything is affordable.


A world where illness and disease have been eradicated.


What if you could be young forever?


What if you didn’t want to?


Levi Clayton Furstman’s decision not to be inoculated with technology designed to bestow youth and immortality leads him on a journey that forces him to reexamine his relationships, his purpose in life, and, ultimately, what it means to be human.





“The technology for TIN has been around for decades actually,” said the young man assisting Clay. The lanyard hanging around the youth’s neck displayed the words Rudy and Genius.




It had been almost eight months since his family had purchased him an iMeme as a birthday gift and they had finally worn him down and elicited a promise to have the TIN nanochip fitted today. Rudy was explaining how the process worked and it seemed to Clay the young man knew


what he was talking about. Most of the Genius Bar staff did.




“It uses the same technology the physically impaired use to transmit brain signals to a computer to perform specific functions. Your iMeme sits here on your Spot, or wherever you choose to keep it, and as long as it’s within a three-foot radius, it can transmit information to, or receive information from, the TIN, which is really just a cochlear nanochip placed in your inner ear. With two-way communication and the iMeme’s built-in nanocamera, the iMeme can perform any number of important functions.”

Clay was still nervous. “So you’re going to stick something in my inner ear? Right here?” he asked, looking around. “No doctor? No specialist

“Trust me sir, I’m an Apple trained audiologist. I’ve done thousands of these. I simply place this device in your ear and the TIN nanochip will be inserted into your cochlea. Takes just a few moments.” Rudy put a smile on his face to try to reassure Clay.

“That’s the problem, Rudy. I’m not too hip on you puncturing my eardrum with that thing. I mean, don’t doctors say that only thing you should put in your ear is your elbow?”


“Sir,” Rudy responded. “The PSD will barely enter your outer ear.”


“PSD? What’s a PSD?” Clay asked.

Rudy was clearly working to retain his patience. “Sir, the PSD is the Placement and Syncing Device,” he said, showing Clay the object in his hand. It looked to Clay like an ear thermometer with a small cable hanging off its lower end. Rudy pointed to the small tip protruding from the top of the PSD and continued. “A nano-needle extends from here into your inner ear and to the cochlea. The needle itself is thinner than the proboscis of a mosquito. Not only will you feel absolutely nothing, the procedure is so safe that even if the TIN were misplaced, there would be no harm done to you.” He saw the look of doubt on Clay’s face and added, “The TIN won’t be misplaced. I promise.”




Rudy put the PSD to Clay’s ear, pressed a button. Clay closed his eyes, expecting the worst. He felt absolutely nothing. A hopeful thought that the PSD was broken crossed his mind. He opened his eyes and turned to Rudy.




“Listen, if there’s a problem, I can always come back.”




“I’m sorry Sir. What was that you said?” Rudy asked, involved in hooking up Clay’s tiny iMeme to the cable dangling off the lower end of the PSD.




“I said,” Clay started and then jumped slightly when he heard a gentle whisper in his ear.




iMeme now activated: November 13, 2021. 5:43 p.m.




Clay spun around to see who had spoken to him, but quickly realized it was no one, simply his iMeme communicating to him. Clay flushed slightly with embarrassment as he noticed Rudy grinning. Clay wondered whether everyone reacted as surprised or whether Clay was the random oddball. The idea of being looked upon as some sort of fool annoyed him. “What if I want to take the chip out?” Clay asked.




A puzzled look crossed Rudy’s face. “Take it out?”




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About Daniel Seltzer:




Daniel Seltzer holds a J.D. degree and a BA in English. He also holds an MA in Bioethics and previously worked at a major university researching the ethical, legal and social implications (“ELSI”;) of nanotechnology. It was while working there that the idea for this story first took shape.




Connect With The Author:













Author Daniel Seltzer is giving away 20 print copies of Leviticus and a $50 Amazon gift card! Enter through Goodreads and Rafflecopter!


I received this copy for free from the author in exchange for my honest review. I first picked it out because I love dystopian novels, and I love novels that push the imagination asking "what if?"


The novel started out slow for me, the first chapter being a bit more violent than my normal liking. I kept wondering Iraq and the war had to do with the novel. I am not a fan of war novels, but instead of skipping past if, I sucked it up. I'm glad I kept reading because as the novel progressed and the story began, I got sucked into this futuristic society that told me You can definitely tell that the author did his research, because it is very believable. Not to get off of topic, but I recently watched a movie with a horrible futuristic society, where there was no crime...not believable! Yet in this book, we are in a technological society and I can very well see us becoming more dependent on corporations. Its scary when you think about it. The main character, Clay, is very well developed and you get good insight on what is going on in his head. Without giving away to much (because I hate doing that in reviews), I enjoyed this book. If you are looking for something dark, and thought provoking then this book is for you. I give this book four stars, only because the plot is a little slow to get started which hinders the writing structure, but still highly recommended!! I passed this book on to my husband to review as well.

The Babysitters Club

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Going way back this weekend. We all read the books growing up, fell in love with the characters, watched the movie dozens of times. I think I had the movie memorized and my shelf was filled with hundreds of BSC books. I was a book junkie growing up, so as part of my "WAY BACK WHEN" weekend series, each weekend I will feature a different book series I loved growing up. I will show little known facts, tidbits,and memories we can all induldge in.

The Babysitters Club. By Ann. Martian. (Written from the late 80's all the way to 2000)


1. The Mary Anne character was based off of the author. ( Mary Anne  was my favorite character, her and Dawn! )

2. The series had a lot of spin offs. ( My favorite was called California Diaries, about Dawn and her life back at California. This series was much deeper and for an older crowd.)

3. The author quit writing at book number 58, after that the ghostwriters took over. (Okay, well at least she has the guts to tell us, unlike Charlene  Harris, that piece of crap still won't admit she didn't write the last two books. I won't go off on that rant now)

4. The movie, who can forget the movie. of 95 and the T.V series of 1990. Some of these gals are famous now, some are...just not. I will always have a place in my heart for Larisa Oleynick, I loved the Secret World of Alex Mack!!!!

5. These a graphic novel???? What. You have to be kidding me. Like a graphic novel reading man is going to pick up BSC instead of the walking dead and be like " oh, babysitter, this is hot"


1. I would never let a middle schooler watch my kids.

2. I would never let a middle schooler watch my kids.

3.  Who in thier right mind would let a middle school watch thier kids?

4. I hated Little Sister, Karen. Such a whiney baby. "My parents are divorced, now i live in a mansion and my big sister is so cool. i wanna babysit as well." SHUT UP LITTLE SISTER, KAREN!

Fan fiction....people have written fan fiction.

and last, but not least, I will leave you with this 

Stay tuned for next week, Sweet Valley High...

Catching Heat Review and Author Interview

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So, what have you written?


My series, Feeling the Heat, is published by Carina Press and to date I have four books in that series: Love in the Afternoon, The Winning Season, A Christmas for Carrie (novella) and my current release, Catching Heat.


Where can we buy or see them? (* include American, European and any other relevant links. Free, free promotions or prices can be included)


My novels are digital release only and can be purchased here:


Barnes and Noble:



All Romance:


What are you working on at the minute?


Currently, I’m working on two additions to my series, a novella featuring J.T.’s brother, Jake, and a full-length novel featuring two characters introduced in my second novel, The Winning Season.


What genre are your books?


Contemporary romance


Do you write full-time or part-time?


At this stage of my career, I still need to work a full-time job for financial reasons, so all my writing is done during my time off from work (weekends, evenings, etc.).


Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you?


I tend to do a loose outline of the plot, but if something along the way causes me to veer off course I go with it to see where it ends up.

Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors.


I’ve been a voracious reader since I was a kid. My favorite authors are: Julie James, Susan Elizabeth Philips, Joseph Finder, Rachel Gibson, Maggie Osborne, LaVyrl Spencer and Sue Grafton.


What are your thoughts on good/bad reviews?


When my first book was published I read reviews religiously. Not a good idea, at least for me. I found some of them had a tendency to make me doubt myself. Now, three books later, I’ve come to the realization that not everyone is going to like my books and it’s best for me to not read reviews unless I’m specifically linked to them by a blogger/reviewer, or a friend.


What advice would you give to aspiring writers?


Learn your craft, write as often as possible and don’t give up!




Would you rather always have to say everything on your mind or never speak again?


Say what’s on my mind. Never speaking again is not an option. lol


Would you rather be forgotten or hatefully remembered?


If I’m hatefully remembered at least there’s a chance that in the future it will be discovered that I wasn’t so bad after all.


Would you rather eat a stick of butter or a gallon of ice cream?


That much of either seems like a stomach ache waiting to happen, but I’d have to go with the ice cream. I’d enjoy it more before stomach ache.


Would you rather never use the internet again or never watch TV again?


I’d get rid of the television, then watch my favorite shows on the internet. Problem solved!


Would you rather find true love or 10 million dollars?


Since I haven’t found it yet, I’m going with true love.

My review of Catching Heat

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. I had never read anything by this author, but the summary caught my eye. Unplanned pregnancy, baseball players, and falling in love? Yes, my type of romance! This is a novel about Angie and J.T. whom shared a passionate night that results in an unplanned pregnancy. When Angie loses her job, J.T's offer of marriage becomes more appealing. Angie wants nothing to do with ball players, and J.T wants nothing more than to be there during every part of his child's life. The writing style of Packard is well-written and clear. She makes the characters witty and believable. She is able to back up every "what if" question I had. So many times, I read a book, only to be like "What in the hell are you thinking???" I didn't feel that way with Catching Heat. I fell in love with both the characters. I didn't guess the ending either. (No spoilers) but I figured J.T would do something...and it never happened. Nothing better than a book that keeps you guessing! A marriage of convenience isn't that far fetched. It happens! I love the character building. I promise you- you will see the characters grow and change from the beginning to the end. Even the minor characters are believable, and they don't distract from the story. From Angie's jerk of a mother to J.T's investigating brother, each character helps the story progress. I read the book in one sitting, pulling an all nighter (which i rarely do these days since I have to be at work at 7am) then went out and bought another book from this great author! I give this book 5 stars, because its a believable love story that made me laugh and cry.

I won't give away any spoilers because I hate when i accidentally read something, but Packard has definitely gotten me hooked!

Book Summary

Life has taught Angie DeMarco that all baseball players are womanizers, and her incredible one-night stand with sexy San Francisco Blaze back-up catcher J.T. Sawyer seemed to prove it. Determined not to give in to their sizzling chemistry a second time, she’s kept her distance ever since, focusing on her accounting job with the team. But now she’s laid off…and pregnant.


J.T. was hurt by Angie’s rejection, but with one more year with the Blaze, he has no time for love. He needs to spend the off season training hard so he can negotiate a better contract with a new team at the end of the year. But when Angie shows up on his doorstep, he‘s overwhelmed by wanting to not just do right by her but pursue a relationship with her. Hoping for a second chance, he proposes.


Angie agrees to marry J.T. on one condition: the marriage will be purely a business arrangement. But as Angie spends time with him and his family, and J.T. neglects his training to spend time with her, what begins as a union in name only slowly grows into something more—something that looks a whole lot like love and friendship.

Vampire Academy Review

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With book crossovers, you never know what you are gonna get. Will the movie meet my expectations? A reader already has a picture in her head, so it's up to the producers to successfully show it to the world. After a series of disappointing book based movies, City of Bones, Beautiful Creatures, and Ender's game, I had almost given up on. Bad casting, horrible acting, and tacky plots plagued each crossover. I have been watching the casting and film development of Vampire Academy for over a year, and when it finally hit the big screen I was there opening day excited to see what Mark Waters had in store.

Casting- The movie was very well casted. I originally had some doubts about the actress who played Lissa, but after seeing her I was blown away. She was able to keep Lissa's love and innocence while learning to control her spirit. Rose was very witty and funny, something that Rose defiantly is. Dimitri looked older, scary, and his accent was amazing (from what i hear the actor hardly spoke english when he started!) Natalie was intriguing, but OMG Christian was the one who blew me away. Christian needed an actor who was an outcast, and in pain. Someone who would love Lissa for who she was and he was everything I had ever imagined him to be.

One could tell that the movie didn't have the biggest budget, but they had some pretty good special effects. They successfully were able to show the different races. The red eyes of the Stragoi, and the pretty awesome courtyard of Vampire Academy were just what i imagined. They also kept pretty true to the book, with the most important scenes from the book highlighted.

The only con is that I felt if I hadn't read the book, I may not have been able to keep up with all the rules and lifestyles of each race. Guess what? I now know how to successful say Mori and damphir and Strigoi, and yes, I have been pronouncing it wrong for five years. In all, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Great cast, great acting, beautiful school, all put together to satisfy this VA fan.


Jaded Interview

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By Kenya Carlton

Print Length: 162 pages

Publisher: Parker Publishing Inc


Genre: Mystery/Romance with paranormal elements

Book Description:

War correspondent Mia James is back on US soil and ready to tackle a juicy political story that could make national headlines.  A politician’s aid goes missing, and the son of the wealthiest family is the only suspect.  

Determined to take down the mayor of the small seaside town, Mia comes up against an angry ghost with her own agenda. 

Afraid she may be suffering from post traumatic stress Mia figures that she’s way over her head and enlists the help of resident black sheep Gabe Montgomery.  Now, she must solve the mystery of her not so friendly ghost, stop herself from falling in love with the mysterious winery owner, all while making it out alive.

Available at Amazon


Martin Conway didn’t know what to expect. He idled in his police cruiser on the curb in anticipation of a few ominous clouds or some menacing lightening to strike down on the house. He wasn’t quite sure since he avoided this place as much as possible.

The manor that sat above Vine was a picture of Victorian splendor. Or at least that’s what the welcome brochure to all new tourists had professed.

No one had occupied the oldest standing mansion in town permanently for years and the historical society made sure no one probably ever would. Restrictions had been placed on the home that most modern families weren’t willing to contend with and older homeowners would be too overwhelmed to be bothered. The most that could be hoped for was the occasional renter. So the mansion that encompassed every viable asset that a haunted house possibly ever could, sat empty.

It didn’t matter that the lawn was cut and the bushes were trimmed. Nor did it matter whether fresh paint was applied every other year or so. Right now all that mattered was that he, Martin Conway, had to get his butt in gear to welcome the new residence of Holloway Manor to Vine.

As Sheriff he took his job seriously. Crime was virtually nonexistent. A few run-ins with the local teenagers now and again were the worse offenses he imagined but that was expected in any small town.

Martin turned the ignition off and grabbed his hat. Vibes of intense displeasure seemed to waft his way from the house, with a deep breath he pushed his apprehension to the side and sorted through his thoughts of what to say to the new neighbors of Vine.

"Good Afternoon, Ma'am." Martin tipped his head to the cute little number at the door. Pleasantly surprised he greeted the woman with all smiles.

"Good afternoon, Officer-"

"Conway, Sheriff Conway," he introduced himself.

The look on her adorable face made him forget the regular spiel he had prepared for all the newbie’s that entered town. She was this tiny little thing with big boobs and a nice ass which was a win-win combination in his estimation. Her smooth cocoa skin made his mouth water not to mention her face was kewpie doll cute but her expression told him she was all about being bad. The pool of her brown eyes seemed to suck him into her.

"Where are my manners? Please come in Sheriff. My name is Tracy and this tired piece of trash over here is my cousin, Mia." He followed the woman into the Holloway home to find it was exactly as he had imagined.

Big and creepy!

The structure was the only house that could be seen from the Carlisle hilltop that looked down on Vine. From the door the stained glass windows cast a colorful dance of colors around the front room. A bright and cheery effect that should have appeared fun and joyful, but came across eerie and haunting instead.

White dust cloths covered what he could only imagine was antique furniture. The unlived look probably lent a helping hand to the spooky factor of the estate.

Entranced with the infamous inside interior of the Holloway mansion, he almost stumbled over this woman. Simply stunned into stupidity by her perfect face he missed the hand that she held out to him.

"Mia James, what can I do for you?" His tongue twisted around his mouth. Ordinarily he would be considered a man of authority but this woman made him babble like a fool.

"I uh, I wanted to welcome you to Vine. I saw your truck and thought I would be first to welcome you to our fine city."

"I appreciate that," she replied.

"We have a little picnic scheduled this evening at The Grove and we would be delighted if you could join us." He flashed his pearly smile in hopes it would be enough to persuade them to come.

"Who is we, Sheriff?"

"The Mayor is sponsoring this little shindig to extend his hand of thanks to the people of Vine."

"Special thanks for what?" Mia asked.

"Uh.” Both women stared at him with something crossed between humor and confusion.

"He wants to thank everyone for their support in Vine and continued support when he runs for Congress."

"Well Conway,” Mia began, “that's a mighty fine invitation but I think I'll pass." she touched his elbow, with the sweetest smile. He was so enchanted with the Egyptian shape of her brown eyes that he found himself outside of the front door without the faintest idea how he got there. "Thank you for keeping us in mind."

"But there's barbecue and fireworks," he stupidly stammered.

"Sounds like a true hootenanny of a good time. We will definitely give it some thought." He understood a polite brush off when he saw one. Mia was so gracious he almost didn't mind how she had just kicked him out of the house.

“Oh well.” He stepped off the wraparound porch. Most likely he would see her again around town. Of course, the lack of information about these women would leave room for the Mayor to be unhappy with his fact finding duties.

Martin headed to his cruiser and figured he would go check across town for those vandals that kept spray painting something as silly as ‘Water’ in the quarry. It was the perfect excuse that he was too busy to be nosey if the Mayor asked.

Page Break

About the Author:

Native of Chicago Illinois, Kenya worked in the Network operation Center for PBS and TLN television stations. Executive producer of her own production company Black R.O.K Productions Kenya produced a pilot for travel series Destination Everywhere, Independent short film Dawn shown at the Chicago Latino film Festival, and wrote and directed the documentary Our Africa. Writing titles available; Jaded, Sweet as Sin, Brazil re-issue, Devil’s Play, and Remember This.

Twitter @kcbookcafe


What are you working on at the minute?

A cute little spy novel. It’s so different from anything I’ve written, I can’t wait for people to read it.


Any tips on how to get through the dreaded writer’s block?

Start editing what you have. Eventually you’ll figure out where your characters need to go.


Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors.

I don’t have just one favorite book or author, but I will say anything that makes me think about it long after I read is a favorite.


What book/s are you reading at present?

Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. This book is so different from anything I’ve read before and I really like it.


Where do your ideas come from?

Culture, whatever is going on in the world today inspires me, i.e Magazine, newspapers, and social media.

How do you market your books?

I have a great P.R. person who shoulders the weight of my marketing. Roxanne at Bewitching Book Tours is detail oriented and organized. Every author has to market their books, trust me when I say invest in someone to help.


Bitten By Kelley Armstrong

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My enormous bookself includes one book I have read at least a dozen times. It was given to me by a goodfriend, who promised me  I would like it. I did, I loved it. My copy now is old, worn and falling apart, but I still plan pull it out at times and savor the wonderful writing by Armstrong. Last week, while watching a rerun of "Being Human" I saw a preview of a new SYFY show. I shrieked and jumped up on my bed, almost waking up the kids and freaking my husband out in the process. My favorite book is being turned into a TV show! How did I not know this? Syfy did not market this show well. Or maybe I had been to wrapped up in my own book to care. Well, I am please with the cast so far.  They all seem to embody the characters I had in my mind. I would like Clay to be a bit buffer and bigger, but the actor is still nice. With so many other screen adaptations of books, I am always bummed beyond belief. Vampire Acadamy, City of Bones to name a few. I am counting down the hours till tomorrow night when I cuddle up on my bed with a cup of tea and watch Elena come to terms with who she really is. 

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Currently Reading for Review

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Read it here

CHer heart fluttered when she heard the sound of the key turn in the lock. She quickly adjusted her maroon silk sari with the yellow border, the one that had caught his eye, and waited eagerly for his footsteps.


One, two, three, four, five, six, seven... Yes, exactly seven steps before he stopped, hesitated for a few moments, then removed his shoes one by one and arranged them neatly side by side on the shoe rack.


She smiled. He had been mindful of taking his shoes off every day now. "I am not used to it, but I will if you want me to. It's probably a good thing to do anyway."


As he settled down, he would pick up the TV remote and, without looking at her, would say in his smooth baritone, "So how did you spend your day, anything interesting?"


Shaan Ahuja found himself bowing to tradition and agreeing to an arranged marriage to the beautiful Ruhi Sharma. He went through the motions but had no intention of carrying through on his vows. His last foray into matters of the heart with an American girl had left him scarred and unwilling to try again. Thoroughly disillusioned and disgruntled he wasted no time in making his intentions clear to Ruhi on their wedding night. But, he was completely unprepared for what his new wife had in mind.

Finding Cinderella

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Find it HERE

A chance encounter in the dark leads eighteen-year-old Daniel and the girl who stumbles across him to profess their love for each other. But this love has conditions: they agree it will only last one hour and it will only be make-believe.


When their hour is up and the girl rushes off like Cinderella, Daniel tries to convince himself that what happened between them only seemed perfect because they were pretending it was perfect. Moments like that with girls like her don’t happen outside of fairytales.


One year and one bad relationship later, his disbelief in insta-love is stripped away the day he meets Six: a girl with a strange name and an even stranger personality. But Daniel soon realizes that fairytales don’t exist, and unfortunately for Daniel, finding Cinderella doesn’t guarantee their happily ever after…it only further threatens it.


This kindle book is one of my favorites. Even though it is short, the love story between the two characters makes me believe in happy endings again. This novella is a side story from her Hopeless novel. I recommend this book to anyone who was a fan of Hopeless or Losing Hope. I give it 5 stars!

Finding Cinderella: A Novella

January Book of the Month

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BLURB: Commitment. That’s what I really want from Colin. Ever since my brother, Danny, died in Iraq, Colin’s done so much to help me, including giving me a job at his popular restaurant so I can leave my crappy waitressing job at the strip joint. But lying in bed with him every night to comfort him from his horrible nightmares isn’t enough anymore. I know he feels guilty about Danny’s death, about not going to Iraq, but I can’t keep living this double life.


I love him desperately, but he’s got so many demons, and if he can’t open up to me now, then he’ll never be the real partner I need him to beave him a month, and now I’m out of here. If he truly loves me like he says, he knows where to find me.

I can't wait to read this book. This is the third in the series, and it sounds just as good as the first ones. I'll check back later this month on how it is!